4 Mar 2015
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Where is my Simple Galleria for WordPress plugin?

UPDATE: My plugin is back in the WordPress repository https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-galleria-for-wordpress/

Houston we’ve got a problem ! Due to the usage of Fancybox2 which is no more GPL, my plugin has been removed from the repo.

Capture d’écran 2015-03-04 à 11.22.51

Well, I have to think about another way to use the plugin and I have a problem with that. If I go to another direction, it will (maybe completely) change the way the gallery looks. The plugin has been downloaded wooow 13,869 now and even if I am responsible of about 12,000 downloads, I think about every people who will just click on the « update » link without reading the f****** changelog before.

As soon as I don’t have any free time right now, you can continue to download the plugin here. Feel free if you have an idea and want to contribute to the project 🙂

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